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tools used

The Design View

Project timeline

project timeline is an overview of a project’s deliverables laid out in chronological order. It maps out what needs to be completed before a new task can commence and keeps everything ticking along nicely.

let’s build a unique website

Design process

in each phase of the design procress, digner focud on thr user and their needs, which is known as user-centered design (UCD). UCD’s design team uses a number of research and design methods involved user throughout the design procress, creating in a highly usable and accessible product for them.

Style guide

a style guide is a document that details a set of standard for writing, editing, formating, and designing documents.


the style guide was choosen to keep the look and feel of the app organizes.

the main focus is to make the app accible, so the design is very minimalistic


large text bold

large text regular

medium text bold

medium text regular

small text bold

small text regular

font size








color scheme

color scheme is the logicalcombination of the color on the color wheel. thepurpose of the color scheme is to create an aesthetic feeling of style and appeal.

Primary color

color that represent brand, used as primary color & acents

rGB(221, 66, 66,1)

visual design

visual design aims to improve a design aesthetic appeal and usability with suitable images, typography, space, layout, and color.

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